“To her”

I see more to you than the physical attraction in the human eye
I see something in you which many have never took the time to search for
I see beauty inside and out
A character that has moral values of self-worth
I see a person with confidence, persistence, motivation, sophistication, and much more
I see beneath the outer strength
I see a heart filled with pain yearning for healing
I see the tears hidden behind those smiles
I know because I have been down that same road
I want to take you to higher levels beyond your imagination
Sit you on a throne while you look down at the world and smile
To the faces who thought you wouldn’t make it this far
I see a person who I can spend the rest of my life with and enjoy every moment we share
I see a person who has no trust in men and refuses to let anyone in her heart
I see me having to work harder to make you mine to keep forever
Those are only things that I see
Things I want to do…
I want to take you to the most extreme exotic side of me
I want to make your eyes capture my smile and in your mind forever will it remain a memory
I want to be by your side through the pains and the joy
I want you to know that you make me the happiest man in this world
I want to go places with you hand in hand, romancing and exploring the world
I want to be that person you share your life with happily ever after
I want to be your groom that you will always cherish and honor
I want to claim that position as an honest husband filled with devotion to his wife
I want the memory that we’ve made to live on for our kids to one day tell
I want the life of being that dedicated husband.
What I see and what I want is an opportunity that is waiting for me to open up the doors and accept with open arms
What I need…
What I need in my life is someone who can make me a proud husband, a father and a best friend
What I need is real love, time dedication, smiles on my face, and a heart with no space for anyone but my name and more than ever I need someone to respect, trust and believe in me
What I need is a Lady who will never stop me from pursuing my goals in life and stand by my side if I failed
What I need is someone who can promise and be as firm as possible to it
I need more to a person than just a communication
I need to know, to feel that her heart alone belongs to me
What I am willing to give…
I am willing to give her my heart, mind, body and soul
I am willing to give her more than just my time
I am willing to be that dedicated guy
I am willing to give my all for her happiness and let her rest assure that I will not go away
Things I like…
I like the long romantic walks with the person who holds my heart in his hands
I like the cuddling up in bed watching movies or even just the silence in the night staring each other in the eyes
I like the candle light dinners at home with a glass of wine as we sit down and reflect on the past and where we are today
I like to share my dreams, wants, hopes and desires with the person I am deeply in love with
I like to listen and give advice
I like to speak what it is that is on my mind at the moment before it builds up and I let out steam
I like to confide in people who have experience so I won’t make the same mistakes twice
I like to be treated with love and respect
I like when the person I am with will do anything just to make me smile at my toughest times
I like the positive, sophisticated, open minded, outgoing, respectful, honest person
I don’t care…
I don’t care what he was or is I know that I am far better than that in many ways
I don’t care if my ex treated me worse than the dirt on the floor as long as you don’t do the same
I don’t care if the world is against us because together we will stand firm no matter what
I don’t care what people think of me because my past is what makes me stronger and a better person today
I don’t care if there isn’t a tomorrow for I will live only for today
I don’t care if the world stops and hell freezes over I know that the love I have for you will live on
I don’t care where or who you may be with if not me for years to come as long as the happiness fills your heart and on your face appears a smile of grace
I don’t care if I am sad for a lifetime as long as you are happy inside
I don’t care who looked down on you because of your past mistakes all I know and believe in my heart is that you are a far more better person than you was
I don’t care if “he” walks back in your life as long as you do what you believe is right
I don’t care if tomorrow fills me with pain for being with you is a challenge I am willing to take
I don’t care what may fall before me as long as I continue to have your support to help me cross over that path
When certain bridges are before me I will cross it knowing you are at the other end waiting on me
Life to me…
Life to me now has a purpose of living since the moment you have walked into it
Life is no longer just a day that passes by
Living in a brutal world where the animals have more control than humans
I have noticed that you took the time to listen, give advice and even shared a few of your pains and joys
There’s so much more that you mean to me and not enough words to describe
For a moment I will hope that this scribe has touched your heart in more ways than one and has
Opened your eyes to what it is that I really feel inside
Dedicated to you with my whole heart filled only with love
My Baby you are so special to me and I want you to know that no matter the trials we may face the love that I have for you will continue to grow unless you asked me to walk away then my only option is loving you from a distance.


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